Checking the roof of an older property

Many older properties have issues with the roof as over time this is one area that deteriorates more than any other so if you own an older property it is important to keep the roof in good repair. Roofs that are left to deteriorate can be costly to repair so looking out for and repairing as quickly as possible broken tiles, damaged or missing flashing from under the tiles and investigating inside damp and mould on surfaces is advised.

Although it is difficult to examine a roof for damage one idea is to use a pair of binoculars to look at the roof from the ground. It may be necessary to ask a neighbour whether you could view the roof from their garden so that you can get a clearer view. The tiles that most often are damaged are the ridge and hip tiles as the cement that holds them in place deteriorates. It is usually quite easy to see if these tiles are missing.

Examining the underside of the roof is easier as it can usually be seen from the loft however if the property has loft insulation in place this may have to be pulled back to get a better view.