What is the best conservatory roofing to choose?

When you are planning to have a new conservatory at your property one of the decisions you will need to make is what sort of roofing to have. This is quite an important decision as it can affect the energy efficiency of the room and also the need for additional lighting if a solid roof is chosen.

The most common and the cheapest type of conservatory roof is a polycarbonate one as this is relatively lightweight so is easy to install. The disadvantages however are that it degrades over time, and it does not help to retain the heat in the room. If you want a conservatory which allows plenty of natural light to come in then this is a good option.

Some homeowners choose a glass roof which has many of the advantages of polycarbonate roofing but is more energy efficient and can be self-cleaning. This type of roof is more difficult to install as the panels are heavier and will need the framework to be more substantial.

If you want to use the conservatory all year round then a solid roof is possibly going to be the best roof to choose as it is going to be the best at keeping the heat into the room in the winter months and keeping the room cool during the hotter times of the year.