What is Flat Felt Roofing?

Flat felt roofing is made up of reinforced bitumen membranes, or RBM. It is a popular material for flat roofing, usually used in commercial areas or sometimes on a flat area of roofing in a home, such as on an extension.

When fitting the roof, three layers of materials are used to bond the hot bitumen. When they fuse, they become hardened and waterproof, making this a very useful kind of material to have on a roof. It is also possible to torch the roofing, where no additional bitumen will be required.

So why would you choose flat felt roofing over other kinds of roofing? If you are looking for something that is low cost and highly durable, then this is a good option for you. It is also possible to get this kind of roofing in different colours, so it can be made to blend in with its surroundings.