Roofing options for a new build

Deciding on the type of roofing for a new house may seem it some to be irrelevant as the majority of constructors simply use standard roof tiles but are there other choices that may be more cost effective and help to lower energy costs to the householder?

One of the increasingly popular options is the long-lasting metal roof. This type of roofing reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it therefore keeping the house cooler in the hotter summer months. The roofing material can also be recycled when it needs replacing unlike standard concrete tiles that are not recyclable.

If you want to be able to generate electricity in your home, then solar tiles are one way to achieve this. Whereas homes used to have solar panels attached to the roof now the panels are incorporated into the roof tiles which means they do not look as obtrusive to passers-by. Although more expensive initially once installed they will not only provide free electric to the home but also there are government schemes in place that guarantee payments for the owner to put electricity into the grid for others to use.

For those that want to really be eco-friendly there are so called green roofs. These are when the roof is made from a waterproof membrane which absorbs water and allows for planting on the roof. This is only suitable for certain types of premises but is becoming more popular as we seek to look for more environmentally friendly ways to construct our homes.