Quick Rooflight Delivery: Top Tips

On a building project, it’s important that supplies can be accessed quickly when needed. If rooflights are being installed into a roof as part of the job, then making sure they’re available swiftly is essential. Builders, architects and rooflight installers will have a need for quick delivery of rooflights on a regular basis.

When a rooflight is a standard size, it should be much easier to get hold of quickly. Standard sizes are those that are not made to order so they can usually be kept in stock. Many rooflight suppliers can deliver stock sizes very quickly, with some even offering next day delivery on some products. For this reason, certain rooflight suppliers often become the go-to suppliers for particular builders and tradespeople. Having well-establishes relationships can mean a more efficient supply service, and roofers or builders will know when they need to order their standard size rooflights by to receive them in time.