Leaky garage roof? Try the rubber roofing solution

Most people have a flat roof on their garage and inevitably, over time these flat roofs develop leaks causing puddles of water to appear on the garage floor, so what are the options open to the homeowner wanting to repair or replace a garage roof?

Probably the cheapest option is to have the roof re-felted as the materials are relatively inexpensive and easily sourced however the expected life span of a felted flat roof is between five and ten years so the likelihood is that it will need doing again. A longer lasting solution to a watertight garage roof is to choose rubber roofing as this will last approximately fifty years and is not affected by the elements such as UV rays, rain and frost.

Installing a rubber roof covering can be done by any competent person who is able to work at height, but it is easier if two people can work on the project together as the materials are heavy to lift. The materials can be purchased easily from many suppliers. There are professional roofing companies advertising online that can give you a quote for completing the work so this may be the best option in some cases even though it will not be as cheap as doing the job yourself.