Is your guttering causing your problems?

Sometimes when we think we have a problem with our roof, it is actually that we have a problem with the guttering. The job of the guttering is to catch any water that is running down the roof and channel it off into the down pie that takes it to the drain. The problem occurs when either the guttering has come away from the roof, is damaged or is blocked. You may not notice that you have an issue with the guttering until you see water coming into your room or notice a damp patch. This is often caused by water running through a gap that has opened up between the guttering and the roof. Rather than being take down to the drain it instead spills over the side and ends up going down the wall.

Another common issue people have with guttering is that it can become clogged up. This usually happens because of moss or debris off the roof. Often you will find that roofs that have a lot of bird will usually have a lot of moss and this moss will become dislodges and go into the guttering. You usually notice this has occurred because you will see the water pouring over the side of the guttering in heavy periods of rain. You may be able to get up and clean it out yourself, if not some window cleaners are happy to do it for you.