Install a light tunnel to bring light into your home

If you are carrying out alterations to a property, the situation may arise that a window has had to be removed or blocked off resulting in there being insufficient light coming into a room. This can often happen in a bathroom or on a landing. Light tunnels, which can sometimes be called sky tunnels, sun tubes, roof lights or tube lights are an ideal solution to this problem and can be installed into most roof structures.

Installing a light tunnel into an external roof is a similar process to that of installing Velux windows, and can be fitted by a professional or by someone with some building knowledge and experience.

A Light tunnel consists basically of a roof dome connected to flexible or rigid reflective tubing leading to an internal lighting unit. This lighting unit acts as a diffuser which spreads the light from its source evenly into the room. The main purpose of the tube itself is to carry the light from the roof, down the tube and out of the internal diffuser with as few bounces as possible, keeping in mind that every bounce that occurs can degrade the amount of light.

Many people choose light tunnels as an alternative to artificial lighting as it is free and does not require any energy to run it and because it gives a much nicer lighting effect during daylight hours.