Commercial Retractable Roofs for Year-Round Usage

Businesses and commercial organisations are often looking for different ways to extend and expand businesses – the trouble being the cost and the time taken for such works. Commercial retractable roof systems offer a viable option for many businesses, allowing you to expand your usable space by making the outdoor areas of your premises a part of your main property. The kinds of retractable roof systems on the market are very advanced, and will have lots of potential when it comes to making your property more usable and more practicable, as well as more attractive to your customers.

Why do businesses choose retractable roof systems? 

A commercial retractable roof system can be used in many different ways, depending on the nature of your business. It is often a way of creating a seating area, or an area that customers can use, making it popular with businesses like restaurants, cafes and coffee bars. However, it can be popular for any business. You could make more of your garden area for your staff, create and an area where you can hold events for team bonding, or even have an outdoor meeting area – after all, ways of working are becoming a lot more flexible!

In cities especially, space is at a premium and property prices are at an all-time high. It would cost you a great deal of money to expand your business with an extension or to buy/rent whole new business premises. By using the space you already have in a more imaginative way, you are opening up the options you have for yourself.

What kinds of roof system are on the market? 

Many different retractable commercial roofing systems exist. They come in at various price points and offer different features and facilities depending on your needs. These are the main roof systems you can choose:

  1. A basic pergola system. This makes use of a fabric canopy with tension through all four sides of the framework, giving it more support and durability. Rainwater is directed off the sides and front of the canopy and the system can be used in higher winds. It is perfect if you need to cover a large area. The framework will be installed using a supporting wall or a standalone frame, and it is aluminium powder coated.
  2. Enhanced retractable roof systems. Similar in many ways to the pergola system, the enhanced version uses a tougher fabric covering. Again, it is freestanding or attached to an existing wall, and the rainwater can be directed away from the centre of the structure. The roofing system will withstand more adverse weather conditions, and there is the option for added extras like vertical blinds.
  3. Ultimate all year round systems. This will feel more like an outdoor room, with a higher specification framework and the option for blinds or sliding doors. Many businesses see it as a kind of convertible room, which can be open to the elements when needed and shut off to give more protection in wind or rain. It’s ideal for businesses that need more protection – perhaps it will be used for meetings or events.