Changing the roof to make your attic usable

For many people wanting to do a loft extension to give them more space for additional bedrooms or a study the problem they are faced with is the lack of height in the loft. Building regulations state that a certain standing height needs to be achievable in order for the loft to be used as a room. Changing the roof may seem a drastic way to gain this extra height but it may be possible to change part of the roof by putting in a dormer window or extending the existing roof to achieve this.

The first contact needs to be an architect who will be able to advise on the current regulations and produce a plan that will need to be submitted to the local council planning department for consideration. Structural calculations may be needed but usually the architect can arrange for these to be done.

Once planning has been approved the next task is to choose a builder or roofer who will be able to quote for the work needed. It is advisable to obtain three quotes for any building work that needs doing making sure that each builder has a schedule of work to quote to. The builder will probably want a payment schedule to be set up with payments at points during the work. The final payment should be made once the work on the roof has been completed to the customer’s satisfaction.