Choosing the best roof for your conservatory

Building a conservatory onto a house is one of the most popular ways of increasing the living space in a property and if built well it should last for many years. One of the decisions that will need to be made when installing a conservatory is the type of roof to have. Many people do not realise this and simple accept the recommendations of the builder without considering the options.

The colour of the polycarbonate or glass roof can make a huge difference to the temperature inside the conservatory so especially if the conservatory faces south choosing a tinted roof instead of a clear one will help to keep the temperature down. The downside to having a tinted roof is that the conservatory will not seem as light and so this does put some people off.

Cleaning a conservatory roof is a difficult task as the roof will not usually withstand the weight of a person on the roof surface but there is now an ideal solution to this problem and that is self-cleaning glass. The glass is treated so that it repels dirt, and it is washed away when it rains or can simply be hosed off. This means that the job of keeping the roof clean is no longer an issue for the homeowner and although more expensive is worthwhile.

Choosing Rooflights from a Well-known Brand Like Velux

There are many benefits that come with choosing a well-known, established brand, especially with an important purchase like a rooflight. Velux rooflights are some of the best known and the brand name is synonymous with quality – even people who don’t know about rooflights, architecture, refurbishments and construction will often have heard of the Velux name. Therefore choosing Velux is a good starting point when you want to ensure you are getting quality and will receive the best possible value for

What are some of the benefits that come from choosing this kind of well-known brand? The main one is the quality and reliability; brands earn a reputation for the quality of their products. When you buy a rooflight from a leading brand, you are buying into this reputation; it is your assurance that the product will be well made, functional and long lasting.

There will also be the question of what happens if something were to go wrong. Well established brands will usually have good guarantees and assurances of quality, and if something goes wrong, there is good
customer service support available. This is unlikely with a quality option like Velux but it is still worth bearing in mind for your own peace of mind.

What types of rooflights are available from Velux?

As a market leader in the rooflight industry, Velux offer a huge range of rooflight options. There are products for domestic customers running renovations on their homes, or for builders working on smaller
domestic projects. There are also many rooflight options for commercial spaces, which offer excellent value for money and will give a whole host of features and benefits to the installer and the end user.

Some of the popular Velux rooflights available include:

  • Single unit dome rooflights. They are used for low pitch flat roofs and can be installed with any type of roof covering, including EPDM, PVC, bitumen and GRP. There are various different sizes available as well as rooflight shapes and profile options.
  • Venting dome rooflights and AOVs. These are domed rooflights from VELUX Commercial, which offer either manual opening, electric opening or smoke ventilation. They are used in commercial spaces to make them more comfortable as well as to improve fire safety by venting out smoke in the case of a fire.
  • Modular rooflights. Modular rooflights are easy to install when a large expanse of roof is going to be covered by rooflights. They can be easily customised and various configurations are available.
  • Continuous polycarbonate rooflights. These are ideal for larger roof expanses in commercial and industrial spaces.
  • Access hatches and venting/NSHEV rooflights. A more practical type of rooflight, these options will allow for easy access onto the roof, as well as additional safety measures to be put in place through the use of automatically opening rooflights. They can be used for comfort ventilation or for venting out smoke in the case of an emergency.
  • With many Velux rooflights, there will also be the opportunity to specify the glazing and choose from options such as clear, opal, bronze and diffused glass.

Avoid costly repairs by taking care of your roof

Many homeowners do not give much thought to the roof on their property although it could be said that along with the foundations the roof is probably the most important parts of the construction. Having a roof that allows rainwater to leak into the house is a nightmare that should be avoided at all costs but with some regular maintenance most roofs will last for many years.

Most roofs over time will become covered in moss and removing this is essential to keeping the roof in good repair. Jet washing the roof can remove most if not all of the moss and if the job is too big to tackle there are professional companies that will do the job for you.

Replacing any broken or missing tiles on the roof is another vitally important way to prevent internal damage caused by water ingress. After any particularly windy days it is a good idea to check the roof to make sure no tiles have blown off or slipped out of place so that repairs can be done as soon as possible. The ridge tiles and verges of the roof are usually secured with cement which can deteriorate over time so regular inspection should be carried out to ensure they are still in good repair.

Choosing a reliable roofer

Roofing is often an expensive, but necessary project that many homeowners will need to face at some point. Although a new roof may not necessarily alter the appearance of your home a worn-out roof is unattractive and could even be dangerous. Broken tiles can lead to leaks that may seriously damage the interior of your home, so it is important to act as soon as problems appear.

Hiring the best roofing contractor for the job takes time and consideration as the expertise and skills of the roofing contractor will affect the overall quality of your project. Inexperienced roofers may attempt to repair the roof but may cause additional problems, so it is always good to seek out a reputable roofer.

Although roofing may not be considered a complicated job, only an experienced contractor will be able to complete your reroofing project quickly and effectively. A professional firm will also have a well laid out contract that details any warranty so that both the homeowner’s and the contractor’s rights will be protected. Contractors that have been in business for a long time and can provide plenty of references that can be checked are probably going to be reliable and worth approaching for a quote.

Are green roofs the future?

Many people now are eager to protect the environment and have a zero-carbon footprint. They not only want to do this but also want to give back to nature too if possible. When designing a new roof for a property, decisions will need to be made about the roofing materials to be used. Some people are looking with interest at the environmentally friendly alternatives that are on the market.

The type of roof that does this most effectively is a so-called green roof where the roof is covered with plants or grass that are still growing. The chosen roof needs to be flat or with only a slight pitch to make maintenance more manageable as the grass will need to be mowed at regular intervals during the growing season.

Apart from the above maintenance there is little to do with this type of roof, but the environmental impact is immense as it proves to be an ideal habitat for many insects. If colourful wildflowers are planted on the green roof it will attract butterflies and bees too.

It is hopeful that in the future grants will be available to install environmentally friendly technology on and in our buildings so watch this space.