Are green roofs the future?

Many people now are eager to protect the environment and have a zero-carbon footprint. They not only want to do this but also want to give back to nature too if possible. When designing a new roof for a property, decisions will need to be made about the roofing materials to be used. Some people are looking with interest at the environmentally friendly alternatives that are on the market.

The type of roof that does this most effectively is a so-called green roof where the roof is covered with plants or grass that are still growing. The chosen roof needs to be flat or with only a slight pitch to make maintenance more manageable as the grass will need to be mowed at regular intervals during the growing season.

Apart from the above maintenance there is little to do with this type of roof, but the environmental impact is immense as it proves to be an ideal habitat for many insects. If colourful wildflowers are planted on the green roof it will attract butterflies and bees too.

It is hopeful that in the future grants will be available to install environmentally friendly technology on and in our buildings so watch this space.

Changing the roof to make your attic usable

For many people wanting to do a loft extension to give them more space for additional bedrooms or a study the problem they are faced with is the lack of height in the loft. Building regulations state that a certain standing height needs to be achievable in order for the loft to be used as a room. Changing the roof may seem a drastic way to gain this extra height but it may be possible to change part of the roof by putting in a dormer window or extending the existing roof to achieve this.

The first contact needs to be an architect who will be able to advise on the current regulations and produce a plan that will need to be submitted to the local council planning department for consideration. Structural calculations may be needed but usually the architect can arrange for these to be done.

Once planning has been approved the next task is to choose a builder or roofer who will be able to quote for the work needed. It is advisable to obtain three quotes for any building work that needs doing making sure that each builder has a schedule of work to quote to. The builder will probably want a payment schedule to be set up with payments at points during the work. The final payment should be made once the work on the roof has been completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Flat Glass Rooflights that Give the Best Sky Views

Flat glass rooflights are one of the most popular types of rooflight you can choose. They are highly popular because of their design; they’re minimalist and beautiful, sitting flat to the roof so as not to affect the appearance of the interior or exterior. By featuring flat glass, the rooflight faces up towards the sky and will therefor bring in the most natural light – more than a vertical window of the same size, in fact. This is how you can optimise natural light with the installation of a rooflight.

A flat glass rooflight will also give stunning views of the sky, so when you look up through the glass, there are unobstructed outdoor views. This makes any room where they are fitted more bright and inviting, opening them up to the outside world in a unique way, whilst also maintaining excellent thermal efficiency with low U values and thermal breaks.

Roofing options for a new build

Deciding on the type of roofing for a new house may seem it some to be irrelevant as the majority of constructors simply use standard roof tiles but are there other choices that may be more cost effective and help to lower energy costs to the householder?

One of the increasingly popular options is the long-lasting metal roof. This type of roofing reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it therefore keeping the house cooler in the hotter summer months. The roofing material can also be recycled when it needs replacing unlike standard concrete tiles that are not recyclable.

If you want to be able to generate electricity in your home, then solar tiles are one way to achieve this. Whereas homes used to have solar panels attached to the roof now the panels are incorporated into the roof tiles which means they do not look as obtrusive to passers-by. Although more expensive initially once installed they will not only provide free electric to the home but also there are government schemes in place that guarantee payments for the owner to put electricity into the grid for others to use.

For those that want to really be eco-friendly there are so called green roofs. These are when the roof is made from a waterproof membrane which absorbs water and allows for planting on the roof. This is only suitable for certain types of premises but is becoming more popular as we seek to look for more environmentally friendly ways to construct our homes.

Quick Rooflight Delivery: Top Tips

On a building project, it’s important that supplies can be accessed quickly when needed. If rooflights are being installed into a roof as part of the job, then making sure they’re available swiftly is essential. Builders, architects and rooflight installers will have a need for quick delivery of rooflights on a regular basis.

When a rooflight is a standard size, it should be much easier to get hold of quickly. Standard sizes are those that are not made to order so they can usually be kept in stock. Many rooflight suppliers can deliver stock sizes very quickly, with some even offering next day delivery on some products. For this reason, certain rooflight suppliers often become the go-to suppliers for particular builders and tradespeople. Having well-establishes relationships can mean a more efficient supply service, and roofers or builders will know when they need to order their standard size rooflights by to receive them in time.