Avoid costly repairs by taking care of your roof

Many homeowners do not give much thought to the roof on their property although it could be said that along with the foundations the roof is probably the most important parts of the construction. Having a roof that allows rainwater to leak into the house is a nightmare that should be avoided at all costs but with some regular maintenance most roofs will last for many years.

Most roofs over time will become covered in moss and removing this is essential to keeping the roof in good repair. Jet washing the roof can remove most if not all of the moss and if the job is too big to tackle there are professional companies that will do the job for you.

Replacing any broken or missing tiles on the roof is another vitally important way to prevent internal damage caused by water ingress. After any particularly windy days it is a good idea to check the roof to make sure no tiles have blown off or slipped out of place so that repairs can be done as soon as possible. The ridge tiles and verges of the roof are usually secured with cement which can deteriorate over time so regular inspection should be carried out to ensure they are still in good repair.