Choosing Rooflights from a Well-known Brand Like Velux

There are many benefits that come with choosing a well-known, established brand, especially with an important purchase like a rooflight. Velux rooflights are some of the best known and the brand name is synonymous with quality – even people who don’t know about rooflights, architecture, refurbishments and construction will often have heard of the Velux name. Therefore choosing Velux is a good starting point when you want to ensure you are getting quality and will receive the best possible value for

What are some of the benefits that come from choosing this kind of well-known brand? The main one is the quality and reliability; brands earn a reputation for the quality of their products. When you buy a rooflight from a leading brand, you are buying into this reputation; it is your assurance that the product will be well made, functional and long lasting.

There will also be the question of what happens if something were to go wrong. Well established brands will usually have good guarantees and assurances of quality, and if something goes wrong, there is good
customer service support available. This is unlikely with a quality option like Velux but it is still worth bearing in mind for your own peace of mind.

What types of rooflights are available from Velux?

As a market leader in the rooflight industry, Velux offer a huge range of rooflight options. There are products for domestic customers running renovations on their homes, or for builders working on smaller
domestic projects. There are also many rooflight options for commercial spaces, which offer excellent value for money and will give a whole host of features and benefits to the installer and the end user.

Some of the popular Velux rooflights available include:

  • Single unit dome rooflights. They are used for low pitch flat roofs and can be installed with any type of roof covering, including EPDM, PVC, bitumen and GRP. There are various different sizes available as well as rooflight shapes and profile options.
  • Venting dome rooflights and AOVs. These are domed rooflights from VELUX Commercial, which offer either manual opening, electric opening or smoke ventilation. They are used in commercial spaces to make them more comfortable as well as to improve fire safety by venting out smoke in the case of a fire.
  • Modular rooflights. Modular rooflights are easy to install when a large expanse of roof is going to be covered by rooflights. They can be easily customised and various configurations are available.
  • Continuous polycarbonate rooflights. These are ideal for larger roof expanses in commercial and industrial spaces.
  • Access hatches and venting/NSHEV rooflights. A more practical type of rooflight, these options will allow for easy access onto the roof, as well as additional safety measures to be put in place through the use of automatically opening rooflights. They can be used for comfort ventilation or for venting out smoke in the case of an emergency.
  • With many Velux rooflights, there will also be the opportunity to specify the glazing and choose from options such as clear, opal, bronze and diffused glass.

Flat Glass Rooflights that Give the Best Sky Views

Flat glass rooflights are one of the most popular types of rooflight you can choose. They are highly popular because of their design; they’re minimalist and beautiful, sitting flat to the roof so as not to affect the appearance of the interior or exterior. By featuring flat glass, the rooflight faces up towards the sky and will therefor bring in the most natural light – more than a vertical window of the same size, in fact. This is how you can optimise natural light with the installation of a rooflight.

A flat glass rooflight will also give stunning views of the sky, so when you look up through the glass, there are unobstructed outdoor views. This makes any room where they are fitted more bright and inviting, opening them up to the outside world in a unique way, whilst also maintaining excellent thermal efficiency with low U values and thermal breaks.

Quick Rooflight Delivery: Top Tips

On a building project, it’s important that supplies can be accessed quickly when needed. If rooflights are being installed into a roof as part of the job, then making sure they’re available swiftly is essential. Builders, architects and rooflight installers will have a need for quick delivery of rooflights on a regular basis.

When a rooflight is a standard size, it should be much easier to get hold of quickly. Standard sizes are those that are not made to order so they can usually be kept in stock. Many rooflight suppliers can deliver stock sizes very quickly, with some even offering next day delivery on some products. For this reason, certain rooflight suppliers often become the go-to suppliers for particular builders and tradespeople. Having well-establishes relationships can mean a more efficient supply service, and roofers or builders will know when they need to order their standard size rooflights by to receive them in time.

Fixing Flat Roofing Effectively

Flat roofing is sometimes known as being leaky and inadequate which isn’t entirely fair. That being said, older flat roofing and roofing that hasn’t been installed properly in the first place can certainly be prone to leaking and might be far less effective than new, modern roofing. If a flat roof needs to be repaired then repairing it effectively can help to extend its lifespan by many years.

A professional roofing contractor will be the best person to fix a flat roof, especially if it is a problematic one. They will have:

  • Lots of experience of flat roofing
  • A good understanding of what can cause problems with flat roofing, especially if it is older and more damaged
  • Products and materials to repair all types of flat roof, though different contractors may specialise in different kinds of roofing.

Find a contractor with good knowledge and skill, and your roof could last you for many more years to come.

Are Mardome Glass Rooflights Right for you?

Mardome is a very well known, well established name in the world of rooflight. Mardome glass rooflights are a very good option for many reasons: they benefit homeowners, landlords, and people in the trade. The reasons for installing a rooflight are of course diverse, but for covering many bases and providing stunning, affordable natural daylight solutions, Mardome is one of the leading names.

If you are thinking of getting a rooflight for your property, or if you are a rooflight installer, or a builder working for a client who would like to have a rooflight, then you will need to know if a Mardome rooflight will be the best option for you. It is not just this information that is important – you will also need to know whether a Mardome rooflight will be the right option for your clients, if you are working on behalf of them. Mardome rooflights can cover many bases and will be a great option for lots of people – they are highly versatile and of a very high quality, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are getting a rooflight that has been well designed and manufactured.

Mardome glass rooflights for homeowners

If you are a homeowner and are thinking of getting a rooflight, then a Mardome glass rooflight could be a very good option. There are various options available to you, with some of the most popular being the flat glass rooflights available in the Mardome range. These are incredible stylish and have a very low, modern profile, so they will look amazing from inside your home when looking upwards, and they will look good from the outside as well (especially important if you are looking down onto the rooflight from an upstairs bedroom, loft conversion or similar). If you want to know your options, speak to a rooflight installer who knows Mardome and will be happy to talk you through your options.

Mardome glass rooflights for landlords

If you are renting out a property and you want to get the most rental income possible, a quality, modern, beautiful home will help to get you better tenants. If the property looks modern, bright and beautiful on first glance, this sets you in good stead to get good tenants from the off – and rooflights can certainly help you do this. If you want an option that is high quality but also good value for money, Mardome glass rooflights are an excellent choice all round.

Mardome glass rooflights for installers and trade professionals

When installing a rooflight for your customer, you want to know that it is of an excellent quality. Mardome glass rooflights are affordable, so your clients will be happy with the price, whilst at the same time, they are of an extremely high quality. You will be able to show your clients the different options available and when they have chosen, it is possible to order the rooflights and receive them very quickly because there are many standard sizes kept in stock.