Are green roofs the future?

Many people now are eager to protect the environment and have a zero-carbon footprint. They not only want to do this but also want to give back to nature too if possible. When designing a new roof for a property, decisions will need to be made about the roofing materials to be used. Some people are looking with interest at the environmentally friendly alternatives that are on the market.

The type of roof that does this most effectively is a so-called green roof where the roof is covered with plants or grass that are still growing. The chosen roof needs to be flat or with only a slight pitch to make maintenance more manageable as the grass will need to be mowed at regular intervals during the growing season.

Apart from the above maintenance there is little to do with this type of roof, but the environmental impact is immense as it proves to be an ideal habitat for many insects. If colourful wildflowers are planted on the green roof it will attract butterflies and bees too.

It is hopeful that in the future grants will be available to install environmentally friendly technology on and in our buildings so watch this space.