Flat Glass Rooflights that Give the Best Sky Views

Flat glass rooflights are one of the most popular types of rooflight you can choose. They are highly popular because of their design; they’re minimalist and beautiful, sitting flat to the roof so as not to affect the appearance of the interior or exterior. By featuring flat glass, the rooflight faces up towards the sky and will therefor bring in the most natural light – more than a vertical window of the same size, in fact. This is how you can optimise natural light with the installation of a rooflight.

A flat glass rooflight will also give stunning views of the sky, so when you look up through the glass, there are unobstructed outdoor views. This makes any room where they are fitted more bright and inviting, opening them up to the outside world in a unique way, whilst also maintaining excellent thermal efficiency with low U values and thermal breaks.