Checking the roof of an older property

Many older properties have issues with the roof as over time this is one area that deteriorates more than any other so if you own an older property it is important to keep the roof in good repair. Roofs that are left to deteriorate can be costly to repair so looking out for and repairing as quickly as possible broken tiles, damaged or missing flashing from under the tiles and investigating inside damp and mould on surfaces is advised.

Although it is difficult to examine a roof for damage one idea is to use a pair of binoculars to look at the roof from the ground. It may be necessary to ask a neighbour whether you could view the roof from their garden so that you can get a clearer view. The tiles that most often are damaged are the ridge and hip tiles as the cement that holds them in place deteriorates. It is usually quite easy to see if these tiles are missing.

Examining the underside of the roof is easier as it can usually be seen from the loft however if the property has loft insulation in place this may have to be pulled back to get a better view.

Checking your roof now could prevent leaks

Spring and summer are the best times of year to check on the roof of a property as the worst of the winter weather is usually over and if any repairs need to be carried out they can be done more easily. An inspection of the roof from the exterior is the first step but it is also important to look for signs of water ingress on the interior of the property too.

When water seeps into a building it can cause instant damage as well as lead to further and more expensive problems in the future such as damage to decoration, fungal decay, and long term issues with damp and so it is important to take measures to prevent water ingress as soon as possible.

Over time roofing materials deteriorate and can become damaged or worn. Guttering can become blocked or broken and rendering on external walls often cracks or is blown so it is vital to look out for the tell-tale signs of damp patches on ceilings and walls and act accordingly.

If you are unable to inspect the roof yourself then it is a sensible idea to get a professional roofer in to do this for you and advise you on any remedial work that needs to be conducted.

Avoid the danger of cowboy builders

When it comes to choosing a tradesperson, a lot of it boils down to trust, but how can a homeowner select a tradesperson that will get the job done to a good standard for a fair price?

Doing your research is crucial and although it may be tempting to choose the first one you find or someone who knocks at your door you do not know the standard of their work and their reputation. Try searching for whichever tradesperson you need on accreditation sites for that particular trade in your area or get recommendations from other customers that have been happy with their work. Social media sites are a good way to ask for recommendations in the local area and it may even be possible to view completed jobs.

All reputable tradespeople should have public liability insurance that will ensure that should something go wrong and there is a dispute you can take legal proceedings against them. It is important to see evidence of this either on their website or in person.

It is always a good idea to shop around for quotes as this will highlight any tradesperson who is much cheaper than others and who may be giving a cheaper quote to entice you to use them.

Is your guttering causing your problems?

Sometimes when we think we have a problem with our roof, it is actually that we have a problem with the guttering. The job of the guttering is to catch any water that is running down the roof and channel it off into the down pie that takes it to the drain. The problem occurs when either the guttering has come away from the roof, is damaged or is blocked. You may not notice that you have an issue with the guttering until you see water coming into your room or notice a damp patch. This is often caused by water running through a gap that has opened up between the guttering and the roof. Rather than being take down to the drain it instead spills over the side and ends up going down the wall.

Another common issue people have with guttering is that it can become clogged up. This usually happens because of moss or debris off the roof. Often you will find that roofs that have a lot of bird will usually have a lot of moss and this moss will become dislodges and go into the guttering. You usually notice this has occurred because you will see the water pouring over the side of the guttering in heavy periods of rain. You may be able to get up and clean it out yourself, if not some window cleaners are happy to do it for you.

3 Ways to Make the Most from Your Roller Shutter Door

There is no other way to cut it, purchasing a garage door is a big upfront expense. For some of the basic models of garage door, you can expect to pay a minimum of five hundred pounds, but the cost can reach all the way up to fifteen thousand for some of the bigger models that come with all of the customisations and add-ons that are possible. Just purchasing a five hundred pound door comes at a massive opportunity cost though, and you may be left ruing the day that you chose forego some of the ways that you can improve it at a slight increase in cost.

To start with, a basic model of a roller shutter garage door comes in at around three or four hundred pounds. While this is certainly nothing to sniff at in terms of costs, you have to bear in mind that a garage is something that you should be using on a regular basis, ideally for storing a vehicle, and therefore the door will see a lot of use. What you get from this is a roller shutter that is constructed from small and thin aluminium slats along with a roller assembly that the slats can be rolled up into. As a consequence, the door is light weight, but not very secure. The door will be manually operated, meaning that if you’re driving to and from work everyday in your vehicle, you will have to get out of the vehicle on either side of the door in order to open and close it. This can really eat up a lot of time, and is unnecessary.

The best way to upgrade your roller shutter garage door is to include an electric motor in the device, converting it into an auto roller shutter. These can be automatically opened through the use of a remote control that can be mounted into your vehicle, allowing you to open and close it without emerging from your vehicle. Besides being a massive convenience there are many other ways in which this would benefit you. Firstly, you will get a product that may last up to ten years. Secondly, the remote control access is a secure device that will enhance the security of your property as well. Thirdly, the inclusion of a small motor and a remote control can be bought for just a few hundred more pounds.

An auto roller shutter can be further enhanced in a number of ways. The most important thing to do next is to improve the materials used in the construction of the door. The first part of this is to improve it from aluminium to galvanised steel. Galvanised steel is a much stronger and heavier material to work with than aluminium, which does place a greater burden on the electric motor, but this is more than made up for in the improvement in the durability and security that the door has. Accidentally making contact with a garage door with a vehicle isn’t an uncommon occurrence, but a garage door made from galvanised steel will stand up to it much more effectively. A weak garage door is also one of the key targets for breaking into a house, as there is high chance that there will be expensive items in there, such as a vehicle. If you upgrade to galvanised steel, this weakness will be massively reduced, and they will likely require heavy machinery to successfully breach.

The next thing that you can look at for upgrading your auto roller shutter door is to include insulation. In this day and age, reducing our carbon footprints is one of the areas that we all need to work on, and one of the key methods for doing this is to upgrade our homes so that heat loss is kept to an absolute minimum. A garage door that has been enhanced with insulation panelling on the rear of the door is much better equipped to help with this matter, but it can also add value beyond this. An insulated garage door will help to make the garage a more comfortable space for you and your family year round, as well as keep the temperatures above freezing. We all have experience with trying to get a freezing cold vehicle started, but with an insulated auto roller door, this concern will be a thing of the past, helping to make your life more comfortable, as well as helping the environment, and saving you time with getting your car started.